The Forgotten Forge - Chapter One

The Adventurers:
Hhok Battlehand
Torril Rivenoak

A party of four adventurers walked a skybridge in Sharn, the city skies tinged with rain made toxic from Eldritch wastes. The adventurers had known each other for quite a while, and were looking for an inn where they could spend the night. On the skybridge they discovered a corpse, a female Warforged standing over it. A metal blade dripping with blood extended from her forearm.

Led by Hhok Battlehand, the party defeated the Warforged, and a reflective metal sphere with wings like a bat flew from a housing in her chest into the night. The adventurers found a small journal on the body full of blank pages; on the journal was a circular symbol. They soon identified the corpse as Vermishank, a provost from Morgrave University. The City Watch, led by Sergeant Dolom, arrived on the scene and interrogated the adventurers. When Dolom heard Hhok's last name, however, he let the party go without further question. The adventurers held on to the journal.

The party soon encountered a man with a signet ring from the House Cannith who told them to go to the Broken Anvil tavern for answers to the murder. Torril Rivenoak, an Eladrin Swordmage, decided to surveil the tavern overnight while the others rested. The next morning, a woman in a blue cloak introduced herself to the party. Her name was Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, and she had worked with Vermishank to recover a schema for a magical device. The Schema was shaped like an eight pointed star, and Elaydren's employers wanted it for reasons she did not know. Lady Elaydren hired the adventurers to recover the schema from the forgotten forge located near the sewers under Dorasharn Tower for 400 gold pieces . The price was negotiated by Kathra, a female Dwarven fighter who had met Hhok before joining up with the others. At the request of Thantos, the party consulted with another provost named Issac Grimbulin at Morgrave University, then made their way to the sewers.

The party quickly entered the sewer under Dorasharn tower and found a sewer valve station where they were attacked by a male warforged and a pair of shifters. The adventurers vanquished the trio and discovered a circular door made of metal with a large knob in the center. The symbol on the journal was also on the door. After discovering an acid trap above the door, The party opened it to discover another tunnel….


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