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Crobuzon is where you live when you are too poor to move away. Built upon the carcass of a huge beast thousands of years ago, Crobuzon was once the jewel of Breland. The last war brought the city to its knees; survivors move next door to Sharn if they can afford to.  



Fallcrest is a tourist town supported by wealthy vacationers from Sharn. The town is small and quaint, with refined inns and dozens of shops. Fallcrest is also the first stop for the monthly tour of the Floating Market, a traveling group of merchants and entertainers.  



The metropolis of Sharn is the largest city in the nation of Breland. Sharn rose to prominence at the end of the last war, powered by the success of war profiteers. The city is known for its great towers and Skyway, a levitating neighborhood. Skyway floats due to a manifest zone that which supports most of the city’s magic-based technology. Sharn is also the gateway to Xen’drik, a mostly un-chartered island valuable for its natural resources.


Main Page

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